Safe Trip

We did our first Safetrip Global Decay Demo
What is global decay?

Its a rebase that lowers the supply by a small amount allowing for stable APYs and prevents inflation. It encourages farming, and when triggered increases the token price.

This was an exciting moment for our team we have been awaiting a working Global Decay project for a long time now!

Let’s moon this project and keep minting and rewarding our farmers!

Thanks Guys

— Safetrip Team



Today we have started two different Airdrops!

One is for the new token for our promo channel $SGEMS (Safe Trip Gems)
We have allocated 10k SGEMS for Airdroppers, each will receive 10 SGEMS
If they retweet the post found here on SGEMS:

The Second Airdrop is for our Demo Farm:
We will send anyone who comes to the airdrop group:

1000 tokens to test our farm and deflationary decay code

Welcome to the Family!

— SafeTrip Team!



What is safetrip?


Safetrip is a crypto farm soon travelling to the moon in a psychadelic haze.

We are a SAFU project with:
- Timelocked contracts,
- LP tokens burned
- Migrator removed.

Why Invest?

Everyone is looking to travel to the moon these days, why not book a trip with us?

Our presale is starting on soon! Be first in line so you don’t miss the opportunity!

Checkout the Tokenomics Page for more info!

Telegram: @safetrip_app